Honoring our accomplishments

This morning, the beginning of our new year, I  read my horoscope.  The words struck a pretty major cord for me;

From time to time, a reminder of where you’ve come from is a helpful way to stay on the right path. You will encounter some familiar conflicts, but this time, instead of sending you into a panic, they will be easy to ignore — they are vestigial remainders of a former you. When was the last time you truly recognized the growth you’ve accomplished? Take an hour or so to flip through a photo album, read an old diary entry or just think about past adventures.

This kind of horoscope is ALWAYS timely.  Any day I personally can find myself engaging in a pretty bleak assessment of myself.  I analyze conversations, actions, choices, always seeming to be able to find fault, and something to change.  Really, I think this might be a tendency of more people than myself.    I think, that as a people, we might believe that honoring ourselves is something we should not do.  We might feel that we are being self-centered or conceited.  In fact, we NEED to honor ourselves more, and find reasons to remember our accomplishments, our adventures, and all of the challenges we have met and succeeded with!

So here is a start for me.   A short list of my accomplishments!! Last year, I moved in with the man I love, and  that is a challenge in itself for this confirmed live by herselfer! I left an abusive work place (and am healing from that abuse),  I regained my creative spirit and that is the biggest accomplishment of my year.

Creative spirit is that thing that keeps us moving forward…how many of us have damped that spirit, that light, or had it dampened, often unawares, for us.  That creative spirit is what keeps our dreams alive and fresh, and our hearts young, soaring!!!  That spirit can also be the most fragile part of us, the part that life can just take and twist into a pretzel.  Reclaiming my spirit, hah what a good treat for my year.

So..here is my question…do you know your own creative spirit, your own youthful heart?  If you have lost touch, maybe now is the time to reclaim your own wonderful self!  Try today, tomorrow to honor yourselves, to understand your own place in your community, and to look back on your accomplishments from the past year!

Many blessings for your coming year. my family and friends!  I honor you all!

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  1. Veronica
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 19:20:27

    I sure miss you!! You are always so encouraging and full of such sunshine. I am happy that you are doIng things for you and will try to find myself this year. Thank you for always sharing such beautiful thoughts. Love ya!


  2. tillyevanjones
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 19:25:46

    Hi Veronica!
    How is life for you this year? I am hoping life is moving well for you! Many blessings for the new year!


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