Message found on a wine bottle

The beauty of wasting a day away, is that it is wholly yours to waste!   Enjoy your day my friends!

Rainy Monday

Woke today to thunder, lightning, rain.  Sitting now, nested on the front porch, watching trees , plants, absorbing the water, drinking, quenching the thirst of a long, cold, dry winter.  Can feel roots trembling underground, stretching out, reaching wisps of moisture tunneling past questing, eager tendrils.  All my household plants are sitting out on the decks, shining green, smiling into the air.

Sensing Crows sitting warm in branches, black feathers fluffed and gleaming. eyes watching every step below.  Deer wander past just now, oblivious to the wet, reveling in the season.  Yearlings, pregnant doe, waiting for the hostas to grow a bit more, so tender shoots can make their breakfast.

Bliss, blessings of warm Spring rains here.

Ahhh Sunshine

Snows melting, too warm for my getting slightly grungy snow boots, still too wet for summer shoes.  A problem….or…..hmmm….maybe a blessing of wonderful weather!

Do we touch life?

How often have I lain in bed of a morning, hand dangled over the edge, creating the coming day in dreams?

Picture this

It is a late summer afternoon, we are laying on our backs on a warm grassy lawn.  For a while we have our eyes closed, listening to the soft sounds of leaves rustling in the breeze, a bit of grass heads clicking against one another.  A bird song sings across the breeze, answered;  from the distance, by another soft trill.  Sun shines against our cheeks, opening our eyes.  We shade our faces with the back of our hands, and look up into the blue sky, at clouds, floating in the shape of castles, and horses, and love.

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