Of Course I believe

On this rainy spring morning I can imagine little fairies cozened up in their homes with feet up on pin cushions, settled in, covered with downy quilts.  Tea steaming in little cups, staying dry, and dreaming of the sun.10402625_10152537140487873_6572578903383870791_n

May Day

beltaneAs a child, our Mother helped us to craft small construction paper baskets, to fill with wild violets.  We would take these, early in the morning, and hang them on the door knobs of our friends houses.   She also baked coconut macaroons, just then, for that day.

I loved these traditions, and now, understand the offerings, the macaroons for blessings, the flowers to represent spring moving into summer.

We sort of have forgotten this day, as we have many things that I remember from child hood.

Well, here is my basket of flowers for you!  Happy Beltane, one and all!  Blessings on you!flowersfor may

I love a rainy day (Martin Machado “Drifters of Bristol Bay”)













I was looking for images of rain, because we are in that wonderfully glorious season of rain and mud mixed with unexpected rays of sunshine.  I found this.  It makes a good deal of happy sense.

Rainy Monday

Woke today to thunder, lightning, rain.  Sitting now, nested on the front porch, watching trees , plants, absorbing the water, drinking, quenching the thirst of a long, cold, dry winter.  Can feel roots trembling underground, stretching out, reaching wisps of moisture tunneling past questing, eager tendrils.  All my household plants are sitting out on the decks, shining green, smiling into the air.

Sensing Crows sitting warm in branches, black feathers fluffed and gleaming. eyes watching every step below.  Deer wander past just now, oblivious to the wet, reveling in the season.  Yearlings, pregnant doe, waiting for the hostas to grow a bit more, so tender shoots can make their breakfast.

Bliss, blessings of warm Spring rains here.

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