Another Goddess Dream

Years ago, many years ago, I was in a bad patch.

I dreamed one night that I was in a dark corner of my basement and surrounded by 3 women. Who were chanting over me and honoring me. Gosh that helped.

I have had many dreams since. Driving cars, rummaging in attics, rummaging in basements. Always searching and releasing fears. I dream that I am flying above the earth, that I have the ability to soar.

I dreamed of my sister speaking to me from a heavenly tree, I dreamed of the cosmos.

Gotta love dreams

The other night I had another Goddess dream.

The beginning is cloudy, some strife, some sadness, some inner struggle.

I found myself lying on a bed, in a room that was reached by stairs. A man was sitting on a chair beside the bed, telling me how wrong I was, how I had done evil things. The thing is, all I had done in my dream was heal things, I healed furniture, people. I utilized help, but apparently by utilizing help I was being a whore. Whatevs.

Beside me on the bed was a soapy humanoid figure and I was trying to put her back together, trying to add pieces and parts to heal her. All the time though, I was being berated, told about my stupid, evil, errors.

However, Goddesses soon appeared, running in one at a time. Women from books I have read, the strong heroes. They proceeded to diminish the person berating me. Saying I was wonderful, a natural healer, a great person. The end, oh my gosh I love this end. The woman from the Ghostbusters movie, the one with the women, Leslie Jones, rushed in. shouting oh no you don’t you don’t hurt my girlfriend.

I woke after that, and I am still smiling, still joyful.

In my gratitude journal I wrote immediately,

“I have learned I can heal myself. I have the power and spirit of the universe in me. I am a Goddess.”



Be My Valentine

A few ideas on celebrating the day with a different outlook

On Valentine’s Day we can become enamored with spending money, giving the same old roses, boxes of candy and expensive jewelry.  Not that I don’t like those things, however we could be creative.

Handmake your card.  You can do this with online platforms, so many free ones to search for.  You can paint a picture or write a poem or story to the one you celebrate this holiday with.  Use imagination, and what you might have at home.  Love comes in many styles.

Take a long walk if able, carry along a thermos of hot chocolate if in cold environments, maybe some wine or brandy.  Make sandwiches, cut them with heart shaped cookie cutters.  Have a picnic on a snowy bench or if lucky under a tree in the warm grass.

Sit and talk, discuss your future plans, your past, your love.  Why do you love one another anyway?  Share that,

Exchange books, read together.

Watch a movie and cuddle under a blanket on your couch. Share a bowl of popcorn.

Cook a meal together, incorporate your favorite foods.  Eat the meal by candlelight.  Use good china if you have it.

Take a nap, dream sweet dreams together.

Take your single friends and neighbors a card and a loaf of homemade bread.  Invite them over for a meal,

Just love one another, if you are married, single, divorced or widowed.  Just love the best you can.

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Writing about...Writing

Some coffee, a keyboard and my soul! My first true friends!

Tilly Evan Jones

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.” ~Mary Oliver

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