My friend from high school, Irene is a major proponent of memories, Irene was the most awesome girl I knew back then, she introduced me to LIFE.  She did things, knew people, and although she had her own problems, she continued to grow and live.  I missed Irene, and am so happy to have her back in my life through the medium of social networking. Reading her posts, looking at her pictures, I understand the full, active , and most important honored life she has lived.

I am part of a facebook page, postings of memories from people from my home town.  Reading them, I have an opportunity to remember my own past and in that way, reconnect with the little girl that left home in a head long rush towards freedom.  I love having the memories. Mine have not been so complete.  Memories can heal. After over four decades of forgetting, it is wonderful to begin to regain them.

Here are a few of my own;

The town square and stuffing myself on watermelon during watermelon days. and the best carnival a child ever did attend.

An easter egg hunt downtown, I won a silver dollar in a pink plastic box from Doctor Byram’s office.

My more than pitiable attempt at archery down by the old elementary, ( also remember a bad experiment with copper tone that day)

Comic books bought at the 5 and dime.

An equally pitiable attempt at golf in high school, I have never understood while we hit the balls toward the windows, did Ms Ahrens just know we would all miss?

Stumbling going up the steps during graduation and Bruce Robinson telling me I would be fine, (forever grateful for that  Bruce)

Walking miles on country roads

Canoeing at Hanon Lake.

Eating at the maid rite, french fries, cherry coke, and ketchup

My first pack of cigs at Old Style Tavern I was 12, they cost 20cents                         

Riding the square and honking horns

Just some memories….Love memories!

Judy is Joyful

I have known Judy for oh about 100 years, she is my heart sister, a woman who I can be separate from for a long, long time, and we are together again, it is as though only 5 minutes have passed.

Judy lives in nature along the Mississippi River,  Judy lives for nature, her soul saddens when she is too long in the city, too long from the woods and plains of her beloved countryside.  She is funny, cracks me up with just a gesture, and although so very different from me, is nearly the same as me.  We are like bookends on different shelves.  She gets me, and I get her.  It is good.

Judy is strong, independent, feisty, faithful, irreverent, gentle, peaceful, and sometimes a glorious crank.  She is a role model to me.

And Judy is a poet, a wonderful crafter of words.  She has an amazing ability to evoke images with her poems.

Here is one she just sent to me.

When Biking                                                                 

lose yourself
in the breeze
in the sky
in the green

name the wildflowers
along the trail…

marsh marigold
butterfly weed
Indian paintbrush
wild blue phlox

see the turtle cross
the Paul Bunyan trail,
see the spotted fawn
walk thru the sun-dappled woods

be startled by the screech
of the red-tailed hawk,
watch the young eagle
take flight

ride along with the dragonflies,
take in the vast open field,
the sea of wavering grasses,
the song of the red-winged blackbird

break at the edge
of Molly Lake,
stand cattail-still,
hear the loon call

immerse all of you
in the surrounding calm


It’s a Beautiful World









My My My


Our world

Like many people, I awoke the other morning to view and hear about shocking and horrific events in Japan.  I watched, horrified, at the loss of life. Images passed across my television screen and my internet servers that were unbelievable, hard to understand, and painful to watch.

I know that this sort of event, on some scale, with some type of disaster, will play out anywhere.  We have tornado’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, erupting volcano’s, floods, man-made disasters, hate, and war all happening every day on our planet.  We hear about them instantly, and, like the pictures we see of war, sometimes we grow immune to the pain we see.  These images are distant and replaced by others within a few days.  We have a global withdrawal from anguish in the midst of disaster.

It is my hope that I do not let go of the pain, that what I witness, I witness with compassion.  It seems important to always recognize suffering, and see it, and take the pain.  It is important that I never learn to overlook.

At the same time, equal importance needs to go to finding joy in the world around me.  I help what I can, but I also understand the we all must continue to hope, and find prosperity and love and belief in our challenge to live in happiness.  By doing so, by continuing hope, I think, for myself anyway, I can honor more effectively; pain.

We must reach out with healing thoughts, open ourselves to take some of the pain and help to convert our worlds suffering to survival.

We have not heard the end of disasters around the world; we will have more and more as the changes taking place in our existence magnify and move.  As a group, let us please keep prayers in our hearts, on our lips.  And continue to love, continue to believe.

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