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Second Saturday

Life is a real hoot

Life is a real hoot


When two friends get together and share delightful news, gossip, dreams, love and plans many great things happen!

When My friend Mara and I conspire over coffee, inventions are created, plans are laid, joy is shared and goodness is afoot!  Life is a hoot, so let’s have more fun  Come and join us at Second Saturday                                                I will be reading palms life is never hiddencrowbar

                                  Mara will be a most fabulous host

    Together we can add joy to your life with our selection of items to peruse   and just perhaps purchase for yourself or others.  Up-cycled art, clothing,  vintage items,

                             Mara’s  Magnificent Mosaics!

 Think Spring!  Think Gardens! Think Art! Think Friendship! 

                                                   Think Beginning!


Celebration of Life

Our Mother has passed, we will mourn her absence, but mostly, we will celebrate her life.  Our Mother lived strong, wild, ferocious, bodacious.  She lived with faith, and joy, and strength.

She left us much, her joy of flowers, her affinity for sunshine, fresh air, natural living.  We will, all of her eight children, numerous grand children and even more countless great grandchildren remember her daily.

Countless gestures; we find our hand placed over our forehead, shading our eyes with exasperation.  hear ourselves with small phrases, “For goodness sakes.”  “Good Grief”.  sound like her, we hear her with our own words.

We enjoy chickens, well, some of us.  Fresh eggs, apples, bananas.  I never could get the hang of Rocky Mountain Oysters and frog legs but I think some of us have.

We have countless house plants, knick knacks, and candles scattered about our homes.  Just like our mother.

We have a a stubborn determination to live and survive, our Mother taught that to us as well.  She lived greatly.

We will miss her, and we will celebrate her always.

a rather wordy statement on normal

Some of us have a narrow perspective of normal, our need for control and understanding might place our view of normal into a  little box, and when we meet people who do not fit into our defined box, our instincts kick in, we don’t approve of what we see.  We do not like different.  The disdain we send out affect others, ourselves.  By creating a harsh, overstated, rigid view of normal, we also create a harsh rigid environment, one that cracks open when confronted with a very definite deviation.

Judgement not only extends to others, but also to ourselves, sometimes, often times, we find within our soul a need to be other people’s normal, for whatever reason, in response to whatever cultural beliefs.  In being other’s normal, we stop being ourselves, we hinder our own up- dance to imagination, and belief.

So, for today….let’s redfine normal, let’s be ourselves.  Give it a try.



“If you need to feel normal, you could look at it this way; You’re a normal what-ever-you-are. I’d say you’re the best what-ever-you-are, but then there’s always room for improvement, right?

(Charles De Lint…  The Painted Boy)

Who we are

Question for the day.

Who are you?  What is your definition of yourself?  Hmmm. are you possible to define?

So often, others views define us..  Looking in the mirror we find that the eyes looking back out at us are not the eyes we expect, the face looking at us, though familiar may have shadows of other people’s reality blurring its image

So today, look into the mirror, and see yourself!



There are stars whose light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people whose remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away. This light shines in our darkest nights on the road we must follow. – The Talmud


Be happy while you can…it is contagious!

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