Second Saturday

Life is a real hoot

Life is a real hoot


When two friends get together and share delightful news, gossip, dreams, love and plans many great things happen!

When My friend Mara and I conspire over coffee, inventions are created, plans are laid, joy is shared and goodness is afoot!  Life is a hoot, so let’s have more fun  Come and join us at Second Saturday                                                I will be reading palms life is never hiddencrowbar

                                  Mara will be a most fabulous host

    Together we can add joy to your life with our selection of items to peruse   and just perhaps purchase for yourself or others.  Up-cycled art, clothing,  vintage items,

                             Mara’s  Magnificent Mosaics!

 Think Spring!  Think Gardens! Think Art! Think Friendship! 

                                                   Think Beginning!



Early this morning, I lay in bed and pretended it was spring.  Listening to the early morning sounds; J.T. grinding coffee beans, Parker the dog rattling his collar; excited,awake, fed, and happy, Melody heading off to work and school, I felt content, warm, not at all ready to face the reality of no sun and more snow.  We have a plentiful amount of snow this winter…no lacking of snow.

I picture crows, sitting, snug in high branches, talking back and forth, discussing their coming day, perhaps some shiny black heads, feathers sleek, nodding towards another, black eyes watching, warily, the world below.  Talking, warning, celebrating of the day.

I did not want to rise, felt contemplative, warm, content.  I lazily dozed, woke again, dozed again.  Each waking moment, spent marveling at my blessings.  I have many.

Mornings are very good.

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Some coffee, a keyboard and my soul! My first true friends!

Tilly Evan Jones

“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. I want to be light and frolicsome. I want to be improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.” ~Mary Oliver

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