The lines of your palm

mmpalms  Time for your palm to be read?  I am booking parties for the spring (or even late winter).

Valentine parties, Spring parties, garden parties, bachelorette parties, water parties, birthday parties, just a party.  I love them all. fairy in boat

I enjoy the energy of a group of like-minded people who come together to celebrate; the energy, the joy, and the love all create a fantastic venue for me to read.

life is never hidden

life is never hidden

If you are planning a party of your own contact me.  I would love to read for you.


May your season be blessed


pagan-christmasMay your spirit be joyful, your hearts full of love, your families and friends warm and safe.

May the spirit of God help heal our world with abundance and health on this Christmas day.  Amen

Palm Reader

Winter Solstice Celebration

Winter Solstice Celebration

I am delighted to let you all know that I will be reading at Mind,Body, Spirit in St Cloud this Saturday, December 21.   If you are interested in having your palm read please contact Mind, Body Spirit at  320-203-9630  to schedule an appointment.  You can have your reading and then do some very wonderful Christmas Shopping!

   Have a Very Merry Solstice

Second Saturday

Life is a real hoot

Life is a real hoot


When two friends get together and share delightful news, gossip, dreams, love and plans many great things happen!

When My friend Mara and I conspire over coffee, inventions are created, plans are laid, joy is shared and goodness is afoot!  Life is a hoot, so let’s have more fun  Come and join us at Second Saturday                                                I will be reading palms life is never hiddencrowbar

                                  Mara will be a most fabulous host

    Together we can add joy to your life with our selection of items to peruse   and just perhaps purchase for yourself or others.  Up-cycled art, clothing,  vintage items,

                             Mara’s  Magnificent Mosaics!

 Think Spring!  Think Gardens! Think Art! Think Friendship! 

                                                   Think Beginning!


Shelly Shines

We have a niece, us sisters, daughter of Sandy.  I have watched, from afar, her growing from a child into a magnificent woman.  Shelly literally shines.  She is a faithful woman, and her feet seemingly (to my eyes) walk just a little above the ground, she floats just a bit due to the lightness and beauty of her spirit.

Shelly is strength.  She moved across country on her own to follow her dreams, reenergize her life, and she succeeded with glory.  She Succeeds!

Shelly helped me to remember my love for my Mother.  She does not know this until now.  She loved my Mom so much. with a beautiful and pure delight.  I watched her love, admired it, and came to know Mom

through new, mature, eyes.  Thank you Shelly, for that grace.

She is a worker, succesful in her career with the Marion Police Department, a mother, raising 2 sturdy, strong, smart, energetic sons.  A wife, married to a husband who loves her in return, a partner to her.  A daughter, beloved.

Do not misunderstand me, Shelly is also feisty!  She is fierce in standing for her beliefs, defending her family and those she loves. Determined, funny, laughing, passionate, truly alive!

Lately, with her admirable strength, faith, love, and grace, she has had 2 succesful surgeries to remove cancer from her body.  She has documented this, explained this and is surviving this.

Again, I have watched, and seen the outpouring of love coming back to her from her many friends.  She is loved.  Understandably.

I am happy to continue to watch her grow, to see her in turn become a grandmother, her in turn become that woman beloved by generations to come.

Bless you Shelly, thank you for being!


Welcome Back Amy Winehouse!





Comeback Amy

Amy Winehouse returned to the stage after a year after, putting her life back in place!  Welcome back Amy, so wonderful to hear your fantastic words and voice again.  I love victory!

My other life

So I have this other blog…check it out!

Back again

Oh my, it seems like I have been gone forever!!!!  And never left.  well I never did, just have been busy.  We are preparing the house for market, so spending days and days packing, cleaning. and good grief, John has lived here for oh about 100 years, so much packing, cleaning sorting.  whoosh!!!  Feel today like we have a handle on the whole situation, although, much much to do yet, house painting, carpet cleaning, gravel laying, an auction on May 22.  ah gotta love change eh?


Melting snow, drips from the roof, (always over the door)

Sunshine, hopes for spring.

Our world

Like many people, I awoke the other morning to view and hear about shocking and horrific events in Japan.  I watched, horrified, at the loss of life. Images passed across my television screen and my internet servers that were unbelievable, hard to understand, and painful to watch.

I know that this sort of event, on some scale, with some type of disaster, will play out anywhere.  We have tornado’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, erupting volcano’s, floods, man-made disasters, hate, and war all happening every day on our planet.  We hear about them instantly, and, like the pictures we see of war, sometimes we grow immune to the pain we see.  These images are distant and replaced by others within a few days.  We have a global withdrawal from anguish in the midst of disaster.

It is my hope that I do not let go of the pain, that what I witness, I witness with compassion.  It seems important to always recognize suffering, and see it, and take the pain.  It is important that I never learn to overlook.

At the same time, equal importance needs to go to finding joy in the world around me.  I help what I can, but I also understand the we all must continue to hope, and find prosperity and love and belief in our challenge to live in happiness.  By doing so, by continuing hope, I think, for myself anyway, I can honor more effectively; pain.

We must reach out with healing thoughts, open ourselves to take some of the pain and help to convert our worlds suffering to survival.

We have not heard the end of disasters around the world; we will have more and more as the changes taking place in our existence magnify and move.  As a group, let us please keep prayers in our hearts, on our lips.  And continue to love, continue to believe.

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