King’s Hill or the Dassel/Darwin Park

Our Dassel/Darwin Park has a long history in our area.

View to the North

At 160 acres this is the largest park in Meeker County, located 2 ½ miles west of Dassel on Highway 12. The park has a sliding hill which provides a beautiful lookout over the area, restrooms, 6 ½ miles of trails for hiking, cross country skiing, and horseback riding. 


I absolutely love this park. Many of my hiking hours have been spent here, yet I have not seen every offering this wonderful nature area has to offer.

Way back in April 1897, on an April evening, our hill caused quite a buzz in the community. A few gentlemen spotted a bright light in the sky above Dassel. The light stopped over our village for a short while, then moved farther west towards King’s Hill (Dassel/Darwin Park) The lights brought quite a gathering. They stood, watching as the lights moved towards the top of the hill then landing to sit for about 20 minutes. The area was later examined, and it appeared as though a heavy vessel had sat upon it. It seems an honor that the saucer picked our hill to visit. (Source: Dassel Stories by Bill Ward)

The park later became a ski hill and a sledding hill (at one time boasting a pully system to help sledders and skiers return to the top so far away. Currently it is a walking trail, horse trail, rest stop, and a wonderful site for cross country skiing.

Personally, I have never seen evidence of aliens, although I have come upon plenty of evidence of horses. The park is a site for a geo-cache, but I won’t tell you where.

Standing upon the crest of the hill I tend to let the wind rush about me as I soak in the amazing panoramic view of lakes, woods, farms and a large blue sky.

View towards Washington Lake

I do not know why it was called King’s Hill, but I advocate for that name to be restored. So much more fitting, King’s Hill it will always be to me.

Coming to Dassel

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