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Des is desirable

We have a marvelous friend, Des. (Some of you call her Peachy) Des is a dastardly pirate, Des is a rooten-tooten cowgirl, Des is a gentle spirit, and Des is a strong, strong woman.

Des lives in Oklahoma, in a comfortable home filled with old west memorabilia, piratey plunder,  pictures of her many friends, mementos of her incredible adventures and a lot of pink stuff.  She cracks me up with her multitude of personalities and interests.  The thing is, she does all of her interests fully, nothing partial for her.

Last year Des acquired a small pull behind camper, that she has named her pink armadillo.  At this writing she has spent the winter rebuilding the inside, complete with pink walls, a hand pump for water, screen doors, pretty curtains, and in general a lot of froo fra.  It fits her, and it is magnificent.  In the summer she will begin the outside, and personally I think we her friends must start a pink armadillo fund, so that she has all of the where with all to complete this amazing monstrosity!  Every highway needs a giant pink armadillo roaming its lines!

Des loves with all of her heart, and she is so easy to love in return.  She shines love from her eyes.  Des walks into a room of strangers, and leaves that room with life long friends!  My admiration for this talent of hers is unceasing.

We here in the snow packed plains of Minnesota miss her, and have not nearly the amount of time spent with her that we need for our own spirits growth.  Des brightens our lives and is an important person to have here on earth. Her desire to live life fully inspires us to fully live.

Summer dreaming

Dreaming of summer, and always…change in the air!!!

Marta’s Mittens

Marta makes mittens.  She finds old sweaters and felt at garage sales and thrift stores,  and taking them home,  cuts, trim and stitches them into warm and cozy mittens.  She makes blue mittens, gray mittens, mittens with Santa on them, mittens with dots, mittens with squares, many mittens of many colors and designs.

Marta makes her mittens in her old farmhouse, which sets out on top of a rolling prairie hill.  Her sewing room looks out over a small herb garden, flowers, trees, occasional little critters, and birds. Kittens sun in windowsills, and puppies nap on rugs.  Winter covers her view with a thick coating of pristine snow, dried brush and plants poking out of the drifts.

Marta loves her mittens, and well she should, for when you put a pair of her mittens on your cold hands of a chilly day, your hands begin to soften, and warm, and amazingly feel released from every chilly, mean, or downright hard action that they have ever taken or had placed upon them.

Marta makes her mittens with love, and wants to only sell them person to person, never on-line, never in a store.  She will guide a prospective buyer to just the right mittens, knowing how to match mittens to need.  Marta said to me that she finds true delight, walking through a public place, and having random people beam at her while waving mittened hands.

Marta’s mittens heal.

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