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Play at the edge of your comfort zone.

Second Saturday

Life is a real hoot

Life is a real hoot


When two friends get together and share delightful news, gossip, dreams, love and plans many great things happen!

When My friend Mara and I conspire over coffee, inventions are created, plans are laid, joy is shared and goodness is afoot!  Life is a hoot, so let’s have more fun  Come and join us at Second Saturday                                                I will be reading palms life is never hiddencrowbar

                                  Mara will be a most fabulous host

    Together we can add joy to your life with our selection of items to peruse   and just perhaps purchase for yourself or others.  Up-cycled art, clothing,  vintage items,

                             Mara’s  Magnificent Mosaics!

 Think Spring!  Think Gardens! Think Art! Think Friendship! 

                                                   Think Beginning!


Rainy Monday

Woke today to thunder, lightning, rain.  Sitting now, nested on the front porch, watching trees , plants, absorbing the water, drinking, quenching the thirst of a long, cold, dry winter.  Can feel roots trembling underground, stretching out, reaching wisps of moisture tunneling past questing, eager tendrils.  All my household plants are sitting out on the decks, shining green, smiling into the air.

Sensing Crows sitting warm in branches, black feathers fluffed and gleaming. eyes watching every step below.  Deer wander past just now, oblivious to the wet, reveling in the season.  Yearlings, pregnant doe, waiting for the hostas to grow a bit more, so tender shoots can make their breakfast.

Bliss, blessings of warm Spring rains here.

You are almost there

Yesterday, between snow showers, rain storms, and apparently earthquakes here in Minnesota, we had a spot of sunshine.  Having an opportunity to play a bit outside, I visited the town I used to live in, and a garden I used to play in, for some playing in the dirt.

So, I raked a bit, hauled a bit, and visited a bit with some old friends, all in all a wonderful and refreshing morning.  I said good day to plants that I have known for years as they emerged from the sun warmed soil, listened to birds, and the sounds of old voices.

Me, I am a great believer in signs, and I ask for them consistently, hoping, always hoping, for a bit more insight into my journey here.  I am not sure the path I am on, but figure I will be there eventually. So back to my perpetual questions; I always ask, being a not patient woman…WHEN?  when will I understand, when will I be there?  And I had been asking that same question while I worked in the garden.

I looked down to see a slip of white paper fluttering in the breeze.  Picking it up I read, on a Fortune Cookie slip…You are almost there… Hmm, now what do I ask?

got a new thing!

Time of our lives!

Life is so exciting, full of change, promise and continual new possibilities!!!

Back again

Oh my, it seems like I have been gone forever!!!!  And never left.  well I never did, just have been busy.  We are preparing the house for market, so spending days and days packing, cleaning. and good grief, John has lived here for oh about 100 years, so much packing, cleaning sorting.  whoosh!!!  Feel today like we have a handle on the whole situation, although, much much to do yet, house painting, carpet cleaning, gravel laying, an auction on May 22.  ah gotta love change eh?

walking music

There is nothing that will kick my  @#>?& more in the morning than walking with the Pogues in my earbuds!!!   Just sayin…

The Pogues – If I Should Fall from Grace with God

Ahh Spring I woke to frosty trees, crisp, chilly air, wanted to stay under every quilt I have.  this afternoon, the sun will be shining, and I will be on a walkabout with my daughter, Sarah.  Ahh Spring!   A writing instructor once told me that only lazy people use quotes, I say why fix what is not broken…so I offer you this by  Lilja Rogers.

First a howling blizzard woke us,
Then the rain came down to soak us,
And now before the eye can focus –

Ahhh Sunshine

Snows melting, too warm for my getting slightly grungy snow boots, still too wet for summer shoes.  A problem….or…..hmmm….maybe a blessing of wonderful weather!

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