All of my lives

I am pretty old I think, not just in years but in lifetimes.  And many of those are lifetimes that have played out during the last many decades I have been here in the present.  Change happens daily, I can either embrace it, or kick and scream shouting for it to go away.  Well those options would be the best, either of them prove out emotion and wild abandon.  I would hope that i am never the middle ground and apathetic about my life changing.

think…what lives have you lived that have been all wrapped up in the particular one you are living now,  Lord oh sweet lord, I could not begin to answer that question myself in just a paragraph.

I have been a farm girl, a hippie, a waitress, a wife, a mother, grandmother, I have slept under bushes and on 1000 count sheets.  I have traveled, seen sights, sat by campfires and listened to lore. I have educated myself with life.

still I often fall down and have a difficult time understanding just what my place is just now.   Do you all second guess yourselves, then go back and look late and understand just why you did what you did, said what you said?

i learn from mistakes, and make mistakes with no learning, and all is part of my day, and I embrace the day.

Look around you everyone, change is here, change is lovely, change is difficult and scary, but it sure has to happen to us all.

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