on passing to a newer place

Life here on earth is full of changes, and we have talked about this a lot, but what about the bigger change, the one of passing from this earthly plain to the one of after life? 

Are you scared of passing?  I do not believe that I am scared, just worried about any sadness or unfinished issues I might leave behind.  I think passing is just a step on a new adventure. another chance to grow, to experience and to understand just what the heck we have been doing here all of these years.

A few years back one of my sisters, Linda, passed. Shortly before I was talking to her and she told me that she would come and let me know what happened after.

A few weeks after her funeral I had a dream.  In my dream I was shown a hill on which grew a large Oak tree, the tree canopied the plateau of the hill and all about was a soft light, a little orange, a little yellow, alittle bit of a rainbow of colors.  Under the tree were placed low benches, and on each bench sat people.  Standing before that benches was a teacher.  I looked at one of the people, and he was beautiful, copper in color, long dark hair, His arm was bare and through the muscles and skin of his arm swam the cosmos, planets revolving around stars, constellations, colors, clouds.  I looked at another person, and she turned her head towards me, she was Linda, but evolved, not Linda, a higher being.  Her eyes swirled with color, stars.  She opened her mouth to speak to me. from her mouth poured more universe, more planets, more stars.   And I was in awe, like when the Shepard’s looked upon the angel in the field after Jesus was born.  I knew that I should not see this, and I was in a revered fear.

Linda was telling me that her life had indeed progressed, just as she said she would.

A short time after that, I was going through a box at a thrift sale, In the box was a t shirt, and on the shirt was an oak tree with a canopy covering a hill, and the colors were orange and yellow and full of the rainbow.  The t shirt stated,


Again Linda, who I know will be the first person who greets me that day that I too pass to my next adventure!

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