On Love and Happiness

Lately I have been in a funk…worried about this –  worried about that.  And..I have noticed…it affects my view of the world.  I am shorter tempered than I like and less patient than I like.  My ego adds to the collective ego.  I believe  If I am cranky, the world around me is cranky.

It’s easy to be righteous, it’s easy to not look at what the other person is going through.  And very tempting to think that our lack (or my) lack of understanding is correct!  Not to say we should release our boundaries and expectations, but that we do not need to let other people affect our happiness; and who knows, by releasing angst, we might just affect the happiness in a positive fashion of those other people. Convoluted?  sure, but  maybe important.

Last night I had the pleasure of spending time in the office of Mary Fasbender of MDK designs for Hair in Hastings  I go there a few times a year and do palm readings for a group of wonderful people, mostly women, but occasionally a brave soul of a man.  Mary’s office is a healing room for me..her desk and walls are covered with inspirational stories, quotes, and poems.  I had been asking for some guidance to get out of my funk. and this is what I read;

The way to happiness; Keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry.  Live Simply.  Expect little.  Give much. Fill your life with love.  Scatter Sunshine.  Forget self. Think of Others.  Do as you would be done by.  try this for a week and you will be surprised.

So I am taking this as my assignment.  The universe assigned this to me, so I hope I do not fail.  I am fairly ego driven, so I may need to study late into the night on this one!

Best regards my dears!

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