On understanding kindness

Last night, while watching Jay Leno, I was struck by the terrible connection we have between comedy and pain.  Why is it that we look at other people’s misfortunes as a reason to laugh?  In this day, with everything instantly transported across the globe, one small social gaff can be taken to a large extreme,  Everyone has the opportunity to look at the issue, laugh hilariously and be happy that the person we are making sport of is not us.  This is really pretty sad, pretty small.

How about this, when we, as a consumer public, see this happening, see others made fun of in the name of ratings, we do a number of things,

1, let’s switch the channel.

2, let’s let the comedian or TV/radio talk show host know that we switched, and why.

Who knows, maybe we will help clean out our collective smog!

Happy be your day my friends. Cheer to us all!

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