Victorious Veronica

All of us have the honor of meeting incredible people.  I am blessed with many such honors.

One of the Women I have met is Veronica.  Veronica is a child’s advocate at a Minneapolis area woman’s shelter.  Her soul is gentle, her heart is fierce; a powerful combination!  Veronica is a perfect advocate, loves the kids that are in her care, and loves those that she have not yet had the chance to care for.

Veronica inspires me, when I speak with her I feel ready to help the world, ready to live up to her standards.  She is goodness.

Veronica wants children that live in her home, children she can nurture on a daily basis, children she can love with unencumbered joy, raise, and revel in.  I cannot think of a more perfect mother than Veronica when the children she desires come into her life.  I’m patiently waiting for that time, although I know she is not at all patient, she wants the children NOW.

Veronica is love.

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  1. Mara
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 19:32:22

    How lovely!~)


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