Delightful Diva Daughters

It has always been my belief, that, our children should, by rights, be much more enlightened than we.  That they, in faith, will surpass everything the generation before them has done.

My daughters have done that.

My daughters are delightful grown women both.  They are strong, intelligent, wise, kind, hilarious, happy, witty and beautiful.  They grew, despite my sometimes lacking motherhood skills, into amazing Goddesses.

I watch them when I am with them.  Their heads bend toward one another, engaged in easy conversations.  They are best friends, and that is what I hoped for them.  They are true sisters

Both have found soul mates for their lives.  Equally strong and kind men who I love, not only for their own goodness, but for the love they give my daughters.  I am not sure where Maggie and Sarah found the ability to have a strong and lasting relationship, certainly not from me, not from the example I set while they were children.

They survive, both living in a rough and tumble youth, the wild chase our life led us while they grew.  They both have endured pain, and yet, in the sometimes grief of their childhood, they found brilliant success.

Both are much smarter than me, rather intimidating at times.  I wonder how that happened.  They plan, prosper, set goals, achieve goals, and then set more.

Both are joyous in life, triumphant.  Yet both know sorrow and do wrestle with the demons daily life brings. They are victorious wrestlers.

I love my daughters with a tremendous heart.  I admire the resourceful independence they both carry.  Do not misunderstand me when I state they make me proud.  The pride comes not from any achievement of mine own, rather from respect and honor.

They are women who fully live life, with bodacious ferocity.

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  1. RoughWaterJohn
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 04:07:04

    OK, I must admit, any post that includes the word Bodacious, gets an automatic thumbs up. That said though, what you write about your wonderful daughters, speaks as much of they as thee. Strong fires forge great steel, for it from the fire within you that they gain strength.


  2. RoughWaterJohn
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 04:11:07

    Replace the last line with this;
    “Strong fires forge great steel, for it is from the fire within you, that they gain their strength.” and it makes more sense. Late night, sorry. 🙂


  3. Sarah
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 03:09:03

    Love love love.


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