Old Woman’s Day…A Children’s Story

Old Woman peacefully lives along the shores of deep, deep lake in deep, deep woods in a snug cabin, never alone.  She is surrounded by the animals of the woods, and the birds of the sky, and the plants of the ground.  Old Woman is at peace.

In the morning, Old Woman wakes, and walks down the path from her cozy cabin to the woods.

As she walks, she gives thanks for the beauty surrounding her, and the loveliness of the day.

Her friend Doe gracefully walks onto the path in front of Old Woman, and raises her white ears in greeting.

“Good Morning Doe,” says Old Woman. “Are your sweet children hiding in the trees? I saw some Juniper berries near the path by the cabin; take your fawns to them.” Doe magically disappears into the forest, her

long white tail flickering like a candle behind her.

Little Wren sings down her greeting from a sumac bush, “Wren, here is some cornbread for you, take some home for your babies.” Old Woman lays the crumbs on the ground and smiles to see Wren hopping about them.

Home again heads Old Woman, back to her cabin clearing and her vegetable patch. Old Woman works all the rest of the day, tending her garden, storing food, and gathering wood for her winter fires. While she works, she sings thanksgiving to Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sun, thanking them for providing all the food, warmth and friends Old Woman needs.

Her song goes like this;

“Ahhhh thank you for the light, thank you for the day. Thank you for the earth to plant my seeds.  Thank you for the creatures of the woods, keep them safe, thank you Grandmother, thank you Grandfather”

As Evening time begins to darken the sky, Old Woman puts away her tools and prepares her supper. As she eats, she watches Grandfather Sun slowly begin to yawn near the Western Horizon. She stands and raises her arms in good-night farewell, “Grandfather Sun, its late now, go to sleep.” ”Goodnight!” Grandfather Sun smiles and shimmers himself all the way down behind the Western shore, leaving waves of warm pinks and gold behind him.

Then Old Woman looks toward Sister Moon, calling, “Sister Moon, Sister Moon, come show your pretty face and light the sky for my friends Owl and Bat, so that they may hunt and play.”Sister Moon pours her light down over Grandmother Earth, turning the lake and forest a soft pale green.

Old Woman stands for a while and watches her brother and sister stars twinkle on their lights. “Good night.” Old Woman whispers.

Old Woman goes into her cabin to sleep and dream.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. penelope marston
    Jul 12, 2014 @ 13:16:29

    You write to my soul, thank you
    from the cabinwoman


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