On Being Enough

fd31e5ac5c1fe532146391bdfa5670ee.jpgYour time is not wasted.

Though you may have been told it has been.

Your life is enough.

Though you may have been told it is not.

Do not think your years of life are unworthy,

that you have only worked to survive.

That you have not made a mark on our world

by waking each day, by struggling to pay your bills.

Though you have been told perhaps you have not.

Not everyone has the freedom to be a guru, a prophet.

Not everyone has the chance to be free.

But your life is not wasted.

You are real, breathing, alive.

And every day you live,

you make a mark so huge

the sky opens and takes it in,

takes in your breath,

your struggles,

your pain,

your wonder of stolen moments of happiness.


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